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Every Life Counts

Mother's Heart Uganda is a registered community organisation based in the community of Mutoto in Mbale, Uganda. Founded in 2016. Mother's Heart Uganda strives to reduce maternal and child death through the promotion of safe motherhood, community empowerment and formal education. 

Mother's Heart Uganda focuses on 5 key areas:

1. Safe Motherhood

2. Formal education

3. Nutrition and hygiene

4. Rehabilitation of children with disabilities

5. HIV / AIDS awareness

Update: Mother's Heart Uganda is building a Community Hospital 

Maternal mortality is still a challenge in Uganda, at 336 deaths per 100,000 live births, especially in rural hard to reach  communities. Mutoto is one of those hard to reach communities our project is serving and women still face challenges like  walking long distance to the nearest health facility hence resulting to low uptake of maternal health care services by  women in our community.

To address the infant and maternal mortality rates in Mutoto community we bought land and we are building a small  health center. In the future the health center will provide antenatal care and safe deliveries services for the women in the  Mutoto and the surrounding area.

We are already started to build our hospital. This is partly financed with a donation organized by volunteers but this is    not enough to finish the hospital construction.







Our future hospital needs financial support.

We need € 30,000 to finish our hospital.

Help to make our dream come true and make a donation.

We are looking for volunteers who are good at fundraising money such that we are able to finish the construction of our  Mothers Heart Community Hospital.

We are also seeking volunteers who can help us mobilize hospital equipments and tools for our hospital once it’s finished medical professionals who can work in our hospital in a rural community. For more information please send an 

email to Jeremiah Mbulamani.


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