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Every Life Counts

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Mother's Heart Uganda is a registered community organisation based in the community of Mutoto in Mbale, Uganda.

Founded in 2016.

Mother's Heart Uganda strives to reduce maternal and child death through the promotion of safe motherhood, community empowerment and formal education. 

Maternal Health in Mutoto 

Covid 19 amplified maternal and child death in Uganda, experts say maternal death accounted for 36% among young mothers who should be in school and teenage pregnancies in Mutoto raised by 23%. Mutoto community has no hospital and the nearby hospitals are far from reach, the community has poor roads and always access to hospitals for ANC, delivery and postnatal care is non-existent too many pregnant mothers. Poverty is at the extreme people earn less than 1 USD per day so they are an able to save for transport for maternal related services.

HIV/AIDS epidemic

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is one of the major factors affecting women's health, with 20 million women living with HIV and more than two million pregnancies in HIV-positive women each year.

Most HIV infections in women are in resource-constrained settings where the risk of maternal morbidity and mortality is also unacceptably high, and where most of the 529,000 deaths from complications of pregnancy, childbirth and abortion occur annually.

There is increasing evidence that HIV/AIDS-related maternal deaths are escalating considerably, and AIDS has overtaken direct obstetric causes as the leading cause of maternal mortality in some areas of high HIV prevalence.

At Mothers Heart Uganda the focus on preventing new infections in children must be broadened to include appropriate care for pregnant women and the prevention of new infections in women and men.

Our communities still need a lot of sensitizations and awareness about the epidemic to mitigate new infections and death relate to HIV/AIDS.

Community Ambulance

With support from our visiting volunteers we got financial support to buy a community ambulance.

It's an emergency tricycle motorcycle and we are using the ambulance to take our children and mothers to health facilities to access treatment services. This has simplified life.

The mothers are not being charged a lot of money. All they do is to pay for the fuel and they are picked from home to the health facility in Mbale Hospital. About 8 to 10 women per month are supported to reach the hospital on time to be attended to see a skilled health worker.


Partner with Jeremiah to build Mother's Heart Uganda Hospital

When Jeremiah finished his master’s degree in Public Health at the university in Kampala, he started Mother's Heart Uganda to reduce maternal and child death through the promotion of safe motherhood, community empowerment and formal education. Now his first dream to build is school is in full progress, it is time to dream the next dream. Building a center for maternal and child health hospital to save women walk long distances to access maternal health care services with skilled health workers. Every Life Counts in this world so no matter what, no mother or child should die due to maternal related causes in Mutoto community. As a dedicated young man he has managed to buy land in the community where the hospital can be built. For the last 4 years Jeremiah and the community have made solid bricks locally for building a hospital for maternal and child health.

The hospital projects needs financial support from you.

Help to make Jeremiah’s dream come true.

Make a donation.

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