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The Golden Hill Academy started in 2017. The first buildings were made out of iron sheets and papyrus structures. Two buildings were constructed in 2017 from donations and support of a volunteer from the Netherlands and various visiting volunteers from all over the world. 

The other two new buildings were built at the beginning of 2020 and 2021 respectively with support from They did this by building the classroom blocks.

The Golden Hill Junior School has now 10 classrooms accommodating 350 pupils. 

We have realised that running a school is challenging and demanding.

We are appealing to our well-wishers to support us in constructing an administrative school building, a school library, school toilets (boys-girls), a school fence, a school kitchen and a staff house/quarter to house our teachers and support staff. We will continue fundraising to develop buildings for other school facilities.


The school does not have access to running water, but thanks to donations we have a big water tanks.

We will continue to try to access the school with running water. 

The school also is mandated to have a nice children play ground for better physical and mental development.

Golden Hill Academy offers a balanced curriculum, consisting of core subjects including English, maths and science as well as education in correct hygiene, nutrition routines and vocational skills.  All children are encouraged to be creative and support one another at school as well as in the wider community. We currently employ 12 qualified teachers, however, as the number of children increases over time the number of teachers will also need to increase. 

School day routine

08:00    School day starts

08:10    Whole school assembly 

08:30    Physical education session

09:00    Lessons begin

10:30    Break with porridge for all children

11:00    Lessons recommence

13:00    Lunch break/end of the day for nursery children

14:00    Afternoon lessons commence

15:30    School day finishes

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